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Social Media Optimization

Companies often overlook the positive impact which can be gained through Social Media Optimization. Facebook alone handles more than 600 million searches per month and over 30 billion page views with its user base growing by 3% week over week. Facebook is only one of many social networking sites on the web, along with other sites such as MySpace and LinkedIn. Catering to people of all ages, these users tend to spend an average of 2.3 hours a day using social networking sites.  Why not let them network with your company?

There are numerous ways to engage in social media optimization, such as creating product videos for the YouTube community and streaming them across MySpace, Facebook and so many other networking websites across the web.

With the increase in social networking across the web, social bookmarking sites have been steadily increasing in users. Sites such as digg, and Technorati, Twitter and Diigo. All these websites allow users to create bookmarks of sites they have found interesting and are shared across the entire user base. When utilized correctly, not only do these sites provide you with added brand awareness, but with traffic streams and search engine optimization benefits.


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