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Pay Per Click Advertising

People see advertisements constantly throughout their day. While driving, they see advertisements on billboards, benches, posters, signs. At home, they are bombarded with commercials when they watch television. Online, they see advertisements on the web pages the browse, in pop-ups and in emails.

With so many ads continuously assaulting our senses, we have learned to ignore them for the most part. We glance at them for a split second and then move on. We block them out and go about our day. This presents a unique problem for marketers.

Now, ask yourself, “How do I get my message across in that split second?” The answer is simple. When you understand the people you are marketing to, their lifestyles, their habits, their needs, you can create ads which demand their attention, triggering impulse reactions.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising, or “PPC” as it is more commonly known, is an excellent was to get your message across. By creating advertisements which are written to appeal to a specific audience, driving traffic to your website becomes much easier. Your ad is seen by thousands exactly when they are searching for your product or service. By creating a list of keywords relevant to your products and services, your ads are delivered instantly through search engines like Google and Yahoo when potential customers are using those keywords in their searches.

Marketing to someone who is already actively searching for products or services your business provides eliminates the need for wide-spread marketing campaigns through printed mediums. With PPC, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and never more than you are willing to bid for the keyword that triggered it. What this means is, every visitor that comes to your site through a PPC Campaign is costing you mere cents per click, for a product or service that sells for a hundred times more than that. That is a return on investment you can’t afford to miss out on.


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